Wild Health Warriors

Branding & Packaging Design

The Project

Wild Health Warriors are a Chinese inspired health supplements supplier. WHW is a brand born in Wales, UK but its specialist herbal ingredients are sourced from Asia. Our challenge was to create a brand, and subsequent packaging, that respects the origins of its product without being overtly ‘oriental' in aesthetic like many of its competitor brands.

Avoiding industry cliches and oriental iconography such as dragons, yin-yangs or Chinese logograms we developed a series of brand characters that would form the 'Wild Health Warriors'. Each character, with its own unique stance, is a subtle nod to the health benefits of its product. As for the logo, we created a Wild Health 'Master’ icon that was older and wiser in appearance and would become the face of the brand, acting as a 'seal of approval' on each of the packs. We took a pharmaceutical approach to the packaging with an all white pack/label combination and relied on small accents of colour to distinguish product range and help provide a clear messaging hierarchy.