07 NOVEMBER 2016

Cutting Room Floor - Part 1

While in the development phase of projects, we (like many creatives) often put forward several routes or options that can fit the brief - rather than just the idea that goes on to be the final product. This is a great way of working as it allows our clients the chance to see a range of options and styles and then be part of the development to the next phases. However, sadly, we do get attached to some routes or designs - and although we always feel the final product is right it's sometimes a shame that other options don't get their chance to be seen.

So this week we're starting a new feature - our very own 'Cutting Room Floor'. It's a small blog every now and again showcasing some of our work that didn't quite make it to the world. Hope you enjoy!

Simply African

african tribal inspired typographic logo design
We love typography, so any opportunity to craft something ourselves is always a pleasure. This particular piece was for authentic African ready meal producer: 'Simply African' so we developed a hybrid between African culture meets modernist geometry. Shapes, inspired by art and clothing design, combined with traditional vibrant colours provided the inspiration for this fashionable aesthetic, unique to the industry. However, the client opted for a more icon styled logo that we still love which you can see in our logofolio.

Sixpence Wedding Boutique

Sixpence logo design
The wedding tradition of placing a sixpence on your shoes is something we couldn't ignore for this identity proposal. We studied a classic sixpence coin and appropriated some of it's great features to create this 'S' monogram. An icon that has presence with or without the logotype that would follow. In the end the client opted for a beautiful, elegant type option (with a rather nice ligature) but we still couldn't help but love this option.

Pastamoré Packaging Design Concepts

Patterned packaging concept for Italian cooking sauce
One of our three packaging design concepts for Pastamore sauces. For this particular proposal we were inspired by traditional italian patterns combined with a vibrant suite of colours. We even came up with the italian naming convention for the product range. Interestingly this wasn't as such a 'rejected' route. In fact our client loved the design (it even evoked memories of his grandmother's kitchen) but decided to work on a new business venture with us instead. A shame, but who knows, maybe this concept could still be revisited in the future!

Taje Beauty Clinic Rebrand

Logo design concept for a beauty clinic
This alternative route to our successful branding for Tajé Beauty Clinic was one we really had to dig from the archives. It juxtaposes the ideas of beauty and science by using letterforms that are both soft and rounded as well as geometric and mathematical. The replacement of the accent with a simple circle nods to the degree sign often synonymous with scientific equations, as does the use of the lowercase Greek alpha in replacement of the standard ‘a’ form. In addition, the colour palette was chosen to demonstrate the collaboration between beauty and science to create this incredibly unique gradient.

The British Tailor Branding

British tailor character illustration
It's simple, but we really loved this icon we created for a suit tailor a year or so back - shown here embroidered onto clothing. Sadly, the British Tailor is a project that has yet to surface fully, but the client has settled on a sophisicated type route shown in our logofolio so there's still a good chance you'll get to see more of this project, even if it's without this little guy.