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Capability Consulting are executive search and specialist recruitment agency based in Bristol. They pride themselves on finding not just candidates that are good enough for their clients, but one’s that are truly exceptional with lasting impacts on the business.

With the company looking to really push their online presence this year, a refreshed brand identity was greatly required. One that truly reflected their business values and could grow with their brand for the foreseeable future. After some disheartening past experiences (and therefore a truly tight deadline) Arobase were tasked with turning the client’s impression of branding around and deliver a superb brand identity they could be proud of.

After a brand scoping session, we outlined a refreshed set of brand values that laid the foundations for the new identity.

We created a simple, clean and fresh logotype that not only nodded to the company’s ‘headhunting’ selection process, but who’s elements would subsequently be used within photographic imagery and other decorative brand assets. This was developed hand in hand with a corporate yet vibrant colour palette and modern typographic style.

This new visual identity, and personal approach to imagery styles and illustration was then rolled out across their new stationery, social media, marketing materials and brand guidelines.

logo design
Sales Alliance graphic device
brand guidelines document
branded social media profile
campaign creative
brand guidelines document
campaign creative