Currency Index

branding  |  Graphic Design

Currency Index are expert currency consultants and international payment specialists. They came to us looking to refresh a brand identity that had served them well for years but had become outdated by their own admission.

We created a new brand that moved away from misleading currency symbols and championed 'the transaction'. Using the typography of the brand name we developed an X mark that represents the sending and receiving of funds and exaggerated the two way exchange with a positive, forward facing blue arrow that would create a dynamic aesthetic across their company literature, stationery and various marketing touch points.

"We decided that our branding was a little tired and in need of a wholesale makeover. After approaching Arobase Creative we were immediately impressed with their approach.

They understood what we were trying to achieve, what our company represented and what messages we wanted to portray which led in short order to a comprehensive brand proposal that we were instantly drawn to. We soon had designs for all our essential stationery, company literature, email newsletters, and marketing tools such as roller banners. All of which they have done an amazing job with!"

Tom Arnold, Sales Director