Expert IFP

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Expert IFP is a financial planning brand that helps their clients reach their goals and live their desired lifestyles. We understood the aims of the business and their core target market and delivered a brand identity that struck a balance between selling dreams and helping real people overcome the stresses of securing their financial future.

The identity features a strong navy blue colour that provides the confidence and trust that is accustomed to brands in the financial sector. We paired this with a warm peach colour that would feature as an accent across the branding, often in the form of a flowing curved line that we used to represent the non-linear 'journey' of life and saving money.

We used a range of warm and aspirational imagery throughout the brand which focuses on achievable life goals and the emotional sell of financial planning - Happy families, retirees full of life and couples with peace of mind.

We developed a new website for Expert IFP, alongside a suite of company literature, corporate stationery and social media branding.

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