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Foredowel - based in Port Talbot, South Wales - is a dedicated, family-run business with a proud heritage and over 30 years experience of exceptional engineering work both locally, and internationally.    

Foredowel were at a cross roads with their business and were looking to launch a new sub brand to satisfy an increased demand for engineered residential furniture and commercial installations. While tackling this new venture we were also asked to overhaul the Foredowel brand, which needed a clear identity to increase visibility and to better reflect the values of the business and its people.

Through a series of collaborative brand workshops with Foredowel's key stakeholders we were able to outline a new set of brand values that the subsequent identity would adhere to.

We created a new type based logo that was literally 'cutting-edge' to capture the embodiment of Foredowel's engineering practice.

We combined the sharp geometric forms of the typography with an angular 'slash' graphic. Always used at 45° on an upward trajectory to reflect the perpetual nature of the business as a forward thinking engineering company.

We finished the project with a workshop photoshoot, capturing a library of dynamic and engaging action photography of their engineers at work. These were used to populate a new multi-page responsive website, and across their promotional marketing materials.

Branding and packaging design for craft beer brewery in South Wales
Branding and packaging design for craft beer brewery in South Wales
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Mad Dog Brand Mascot
illustrated packaging design for brewery in south Wales
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