Welcome to our first ever monthly review article and hopefully not our last. We have history for making empty promises to share more work and embarrassingly, our 2019 New Years resolution was our solitary facebook post of that year. This monthly review series is our opportunity to keep our readers up to date with what we have done for others and what we can hopefully do for them.

In March we shipped some really cool projects working with construction companies, garden centres, furniture suppliers, business coaches, digital marketers, engineers, driving instructors, coffee shops, tanning salons and more. This is just a snapshot of the businesses and industries that we work for and we love nothing more than collaborating with experts to produce impactful design that helps them achieve their business goals.

We endeavour to write up case studies on our favourite projects and success stories but rarely share the little stuff that is impactful in its own right. We take a look back at five of our favourite projects from the month of March.

In the Spotlight: 'A Cleaning Service' Rebrand

Van livery, branded workwear and packaging design we created as part of A Cleaning Services new brand identity

In 2019 'A Cleaning Service' underwent a full rebrand with Arobase to reflect a major change in their business offering. Formerly 'A Carpet Cleaning Service' they have since branched out into several other domestic and commercial specialisms and needed a new brand strategy to see in this new chapter of the business.

The cleaning industry is rife with tired and cliched brands with cookie-cutter logos and we felt there was a real opportunity for ACS to make it their own. They are a charismatic family cleaning company with the utmost professionalism, ACS simply do things differently and are a breath of fresh air in the cleaning industry.

We wanted to create an engaging, dynamic brand identity that would not just stick in the mind, but help establish A Cleaning Service as THE cleaning service in the south west.

The brand refresh covered new designs for business stationery, vehicle livery, staff uniform and most importantly a new website which has been a huge success for the business.

The initial response to the branding has been great. In the clients words:

"Arobase have transformed our business! Since the website launched at the start of the year, we have had over 4.5x the number of enquiries we had this time last year! We have had dream clients approach us for work and the overall response has been phenomenal. The whole process has been so easy and we were so impressed with how easily they managed to capture who we are as a company and then reflect this throughout our branding. Top professionalism, top quality and top results!"

Cosgrove & Drew Photography

Stills from our recent commercial photoshoot for Cosgrove & Drew

Back in August 2019, aspiring mechanical engineering firm CDE Services approached us to develop a new brand identity and website to help continue their impressive business growth.

Following our brand strategy workshop, we decided on a new brand name that harnesses the local reputation of directors Zac Cosgrove & Luke Drew and injects some personality into a previously faceless brand.

To coincide with the new brand name and strategy we stressed the importance of original photography and adding some authenticity to marketing touch points such as the new website and company brochure. This bespoke imagery helps potential clients build trust with the company and is really important for their perceived professionalism and credibility. You can read more about the importance of original photography in our insights article.

You can view the full Cosgrove & Drew case study on our site where we go into further detail on the branding we designed as well as the website, brochure and photography.

Inspired Tiling Branding

Logo design, branded workwear and vehicle liver we designed for Inspired Tiling. Vehicle graphics printed and installed by WrapWxrks

Tiling and bathroom specialists ‘Inspired Tiling’ have always maintained a steady stream of work through referral networking and word of mouth but having moved to a new area, they recognised the importance of their branded vehicle to increase visibility and get their name out to a new client base.

Inspired Tiling came to Arobase Creative to have their new van livery designed and we decided this was a perfect opportunity to reflect on their existing branding and make some changes where possible. We delivered a new logo design with a more premium aesthetic and greater relevance to the service they provide, while developing a richer colour palette that compliments the black van and branded workwear.

Due to our participation in referral networking groups such as BNI and our own Met Walking, We have had the opportunity to help a number of trades businesses with vehicle livery, logo design, websites, service brochures, flyers, photography and much more.

Trades businesses operate in highly competitive markets where authenticity and credibility are essential to their success. We’ve worked with many great businesses who were let down by the appearance and unprofessionalism of their brand. If you would like to know how you could improve on your brand, big or small, then get in touch. We are always happy to advise.

London Timber Buildings 3D Renders

3D product render for London Timber Buildings new product range

Little known to many of our clients, we are skilled in 3D design and occasionally, projects present themselves where we can utilise our skills and software such as Google Sketchup to create specialist images.

In the past we have used this approach to create 3D illustrations for a site map, as well as plan photoshoots, visualise interior fit-outs and create product renders like the above work for London Timber Buildings.

LTB have released a new range of garden building designs and they wanted some new product images for their website to showcase the wide range of window/door configurations. The 3D renders we produced are an efficient and cost effective alternative to photography and give the client a more realistic interpretation than a basic line drawing or sketch.

This is the latest in a long line of projects for LTB where we have previously helped them update their logo, design an icon set for their product range as well as some information posters displayed at their showrooms. 

ButterUp Packaging Design

Tattoo cream packaging design for ButterUp

Packaging design is one of our core services and in the past we have helped independent producers in a variety of markets from craft beers to cooking sauces but its not just food and drink markets where we can help with packaging design.

We have created brands and developed packaging for pharmaceutical products, health supplements, tech gadgets and cosmetic products like ButterUp (above).

ButterUp is an organic tattoo aftercare product that we have worked with for a while now - Creating their original brand back in 2019, we have gone on to design the primary packaging for their cream tubs and airless pump products as well as various marketing materials.

We create engaging packaging designs that help your product stand out from the competition. If you are a passionate producer that would like help establishing your brand, no matter your industry, we would love to hear your story.