Stock imagery has its uses, but harnessing high quality, original imagery can really help your brand be honest and tell authentic stories. Photography is a fantastic way to showcase your products and services whether online, on packs or across your marketing touchpoints. Don't let ageing, poor quality photography bring your business down.



Documentary photography captures you going about your business in your natural environment. A 'day in the life of' photoshoot gives your potential clients and customers a chance to see where (and how) the magic happens. It helps your audience trust in a reliable business with real people carrying out the work and they connect with this authenticity that stock imagery otherwise can't provide.


We do a lot of packaging design for various industries, and as a result we shoot a lot of product. We ensure that images are appropriately branded with a 'look and feel' that is consistent with the products identity and shot in an environment that presents it in its best light. We shoot studio product photography for use on your e-commerce website or product 'lifestyle' images that works wonders in your marketing.


Corporate, comfortable but most importantly, candid. Similarly to our documentary photography service we like to shoot in an environment natural to your business and somewhere you feel comfortable. Not everyone is a model or an actor so we don't ask for cheesy smiles and forced poses. Just go about your normal job and we'll do ours!

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